Aipan - Understanding The Ritualistic Form of Folk Art of Kumaon Region

It’s important to understand different form of expression from its original prospective. While travelling across India, The Mystic Rider reaches the greater Himalayan range in Uttarakhand. The region known as Kumaon region. The region also known as the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand which holds many fascinating & interesting stories to provide you a real tranquility in form of Art, Culture, Mountains, Spiritual Personalities, Yogis, Lakes , Waterfalls and many more. This blogs brings many exciting information for you about Kuman region on different other section. It’s worth exploring the blog. Under this section will be bringing an auspicious folk art Aipan. 

Aipan on India On Road

Aipan- Understanding Aipan from its religious importance will provides you more insight to this ritualistic folk art. India a country of diversity and this form of art are being practiced in many other part of India too, however its belived to be originated from Kumaon region. Brick-red wall is aloso known for its spiritual value as symbol of good fortune and the the native form of art usually done on it.  There are multiple themes and ideas of Aipan such as Saraswati Chowki, Chamunda Hast Chowki, Nav Durga Chowki, Jyoti Patta, Durga Thapa and Lakshmi Yantra etc. Will be writing details about each form of Aipan in upcoming blogs.

While writing this short introduction keeping your urge alive to search for more detail informative blog on Apian, don’t worry will be bring that too, along with very original information collected from remote villages in Kumaon. Stay tuned for a detail comprehensive article on Aipan soon. 

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