Ek Mulaqat - Harshita Sah An Inspiration for Aspiring Bakers - Harshi's Homemade Dessert's Byte Almora


Harshi's Home Made Almora Uttarakhand

Ek Mulaqat - Harshita Sah An Inspiration for Aspiring Bakers - Proprietor Harshi's Homemade Dessert's Byte Almora Uttarakhand

Getting inspiration from mother, she started her passionate journey from aspiring bakers to an inspiration for bakers. 

Harshita channelized her passion in to hobby and shape those as skill to become a professional baker all together an inspiring story. 

While traveling India On Road, got an opportunity to interact with many inspiring personalities, she is one of them. While exploring Almora, got an opportunity to  meet and interact with Harshita Sah. The Proprietor of Harshi's Homemade Dessert's Byte Almora. She is an inspiration for all those who want to turn their baking passion in to a successful business from home. let’s shift the gear to know her inspiring story from herself.


Harshi's Homemade

IndiaOnRoad- What inspired you to start Harshi's Homemade Dessert's Byte out of your home?


Harshita - There is no doubt that I got inspiration from my mother. She is one of the strongest women I know. She has an amazing talent for cooking delicious food, and I guess I got it from her. Without a doubt she is the one that inspired me. Along the journey it was my sister, brother and a lot of my friends that showed confidence and faith in me that led to what I am today. I can’t thank them enough for inspiring constantly and to this date.


IndiaOnRoad- Tell us the journey from the first time you remember baking something? About your professional journey and how you landed in to bakery as business to start?


Harshita - I have always been interested in cooking as long I can remember. I remember that while I would have been maybe like 5 years old, I cooked paratha and just plain potatoes for my family. I always had lots of encouragement from my family. One of the fondest memories of me baking was when in 4th or 5th standard. There was no one at home and I was so excited to bake a cake for my family as a surprise. Little did I know!! They came back home and were surprised, surprised in a funny way as it turned out pretty bad. I had no idea about baking, and I used rice flour instead of all-purpose flour and on top it was a pressure cooker cake. So, it was bound to be a failure. The funniest part is that even my dog jimmy didn’t eat it.


Well passion turned into hobby and then hobby turned into a skill and with the encouragement from my close friends, my better half and of course my family I was able to start this business today.


Here I am today, a full professional baker. But it’s not all gold and roses. It is commitment and focus. There are days when I have to stand 10-12 hours straight. I have to choose work over friends, cut out the social life. Despite all of this, it gives me immense pleasure to be a baker.


Harshita Sah

IndiaOnRoad-  Did you ever get formal training or did you just jump right into the bakery? Some tips on how to start a bakery individually at home?


Harshita - I have never been formally trained. Just a hobby course from IICA Gurgaon. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work at a chance to work in a reputed homebased bakery at Gurgaon by help of one of my good friend. Working around 6+ month with Homebased bakery run by Sonal Khurana taught me a lot.   It took a lot of courage and faith for me to quit my job, but I finally did it and decided to pursue my passion. So, end up working six months at Gurgaon at a friend’s bakery.

You need experience to start a business. I cannot stress enough how important is it to start a business with knowledge about your craft. Even though I did the hobby course, I still felt I wasn’t ready to start the business yet. Only when I had some hand on experience, I finally had the courage to start something on my own.

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IndiaOnRoad-  What is the toughest part about being now a professional baker and owning your own bakery right out of your home?


Harshita - The toughest part was getting it started is Overcoming the fear of what if I fail? What if I won’t sell? Once I overcame this initial barrier it was


IndiaOnRoad-  Your favorite preparation? Do you prefer decorating cakes or cupcakes?


Harshita -  Its cake. Well, If I am being honest its everything. Not just decorating. I enjoy the whole process of baking. But it does get a little fun when I must decorate. I t gives me outlet to showcase my creativity and help make people attain their required result.


Cakes by Harshi's Homemade

IndiaOnRoad-  How do you market your bakery products when it operates out of your home?


Harshita - It’s a no brainer. Social media is as powerful as it can get. I use pretty much every social media platform. Primarily, Instagram is the one that I would suggest that one should have a page on. I have my online presence; you can check it out on google by typing Harshi’s Homemade. It extremely important to engage with the customers and be available to answer their questions. It costs nothing but has a good return.


IndiaOnRoad-  How you manage work overload while working all by yourself for the most part, what happens if you get overbooked and have too many orders going at one time?


Harshita - Overload of work is as common as it is with any other profession out there. As I run it solely, it does get overwhelming at times. There are days when I am doing 8, 10 or even 15 orders a day. I give my last cake the same kind of attention to detail as I would on my first. But it is all worth it at the end of the day when you see that incredible smile and reaction from your customers. I am certainly planning to hire additional staff or interns to help me balance the load as it is bad for the reputation of the business to let a customer go since you cannot manage it on time.


IndiaOnRoad-  What happens when you get a customer who is rude or of different behaviors regarding your products?


Harshita - well, you must be professional at any cost. Rather than escalating and letting the situation get out of hand, I prefer to dig deep and sincerely find out the real reason behind the issue. It is best to explain and let the customer know that I am always here to listen and give them the best of my capability. There always will be a few customers who won’t be happy you just have to be professional and deal with it.


IndiaOnRoad-  How do you think you are able to stand out among your competition? How you look about competition in your target market?


Cup Cakes By Harshi's Homemade Almora

Harshita - I believe a healthy competition is good. It keeps you on your toes, grounded and helps you be continuously creative to stay ahead of the curve. There are many people who have started the business since I started mine and even at cheaper rates. But I have a very good and loyal customers base who keeps coming for the quality and variety. I took 7 months of work after I got married, but I still have the same customers who keeps coming back and also introduce my cakes to other friends and family. So, it has been good.


IndiaOnRoad-  What is the most rewarding thing that you get out of owning your own bakery in your home?


Harshita -  This might sound clichรฉ but the most rewarding is the process itself. I basically get paid for something that I love to do. Its amazing. The smiles and happiness of the customers face is priceless when they see my work. That’s absolute rewarding. Being your own boss, working on your own terms. All this is pretty satisfying to me.


IndiaOnRoad-  What skill would you say is most important for you to have in your line of work?


Harshita - Apart from the obvious baking skills, I would say that one must be patience, hard working as this is very labor extensive work. Focus, I can’t press enough on this. Once you start getting sales, you lose sight of what got you here in the first place. So, it is important to be very focused and put your soul into every small detail as people trust you to be a part of their happy memories. You become part of it and if you screw it up you end up screwing the memories for the customers.


IndiaOnRoad-  What was the worst baking disaster you ever had, that you still just cannot get over?


Harshita - ha ha ha, well, ups and downs are of part of life and my business is no exception. One of the memories that still haunts me is when a customer asked me to make a 12-pound cake. Despite of me suggesting the 3-tier cake in a stand, the customer went ahead with the cake, I was sure, it may going to fall. As we live here in this mountainous terrain, and it is difficult to transport something that heavy which is extremely fragile. Worst part of it was that I was there at the venue when I delivered it. It was a nightmare, but the customers were extremely supportive. To this date it gives me chills thinking about that day. But it is just part of the business. Accidents will happen you just have to hope for the best.

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Harshi's Homemade

IndiaOnRoad-  What you say to motivate youths who want to make a career in this business?


Harshita - The best advice for anyone who is reading this is that baking requires passion. It is hard work and dedication. I am someone who has enjoyed cooking all my life since I was a little kid so cooking and baking is something I am passionate about. If you want to start this line of work, I will say do only If you enjoy it. I’d say don’t do what other people expect you to do. You need to do this only if your heart is into it. It is very rewarding but can get challenging if you don’t enjoy it. I was fortunate enough to realize my love for baking early and I made a career out of it.


IndiaOnRoad-  Any plan for expansion out of Almora or spreading Harshi’s Hoe Made nationally?


Harshita - well, absolutely. Expansion is the next step of growth. But for now, my plan is to extend my customer base from my home and then hire additional team and train them. Also, I want to start catering to my resort that my husband and I own. Further, I would expand it to Nanitaal , Bhimataal and then hopefully we would like to franchise it out in the future if your love keeps coming the way it is.


IndiaOnRoad-  Any last thoughts you have for our readers?


Harshita - first, thanks for this opportunity. I am humbled and honored. I highly appreciate everyone who has taken time out to be a part of my little journey. I hope some of you take inspiration from this as start something awesome. All the very best and hope you guys do amazing and I get to read about it very soon. Love you. Thanks!!!!

Thank You Harshita for your time, It was an inspiring story, I am sure it will inspire many down the line.  India On Road wish you all the best for your future plan. We had a great loving time with your cakes and Harshi's Homemade Dessert's Byte at Almora. Wish you continue to inspire youths and all aspiring bakers in India.

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