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Andhra Pradesh The Heritage Pilgrimage and Rivers at One Place


If you Want to Visit Heritage, Pilgrimage, Rivers at One Place then Andhra Pradesh is the place you should Visit.        



Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states in India. It is the 8th largest state in the country. The Capital City of Andhra Pradesh is Amaravati which is located in the on the bank of Krishna river. Telugu which is one of the beautiful languages in the world is its major and official language.

Medieval and Modern History: -

This state was ruled by various dynasties starting from the Mauryan Empire to Vijayanagara Empire. The state’s patronage enabled fine arts and literature to reach new heights in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit and Carnatic Music during the Sangama Dynasty. In the early nineteenth century, the Northern Circars was ceded by the British East India Company and it became the part of the Madras presidency. Later it was ruled by the Nizam rulers of Hyderabad.

In an effort to gain an independent state based on the linguistic identity, and to protect the interest of the Telugu speaking people of Madras State a JVP committee report stated:” Andhra province could be formed provided the Andhra’s give up their claim on the city of Madras.”

Later on, 1 October 1953, a Telugu-speaking area of Andhra state was carved out of Madras State. On the basis of a gentleman’s agreement on 1 November,1956 the State Recognition Act formed combined Andhra Pradesh by merging the Andhra State with the Telugu-speaking areas already existing in Hyderabad State. Hyderabad was made the capital of the new state.

In February 2014, the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 bill was passed by the parliament on the basis of which a new state Telangana was formed on 2 June, 2014 which was separated from Andhra Pradesh.


Connection of the State:

The state is well connected to other states through railways and roadways. It also connects to other countries by means of airways and seaports. It has many seaports to trade because of the long coastline along Bay Of Bengal. The state has one of the largest railway junctions at Vijayawada and the one of the largest seaports in the country at Vishakhapatnam.

The state has a total road network of 53,403 km of which 6,401 km of national highways, 14,722 km of state highways and 32,280 km of district roads. It also forms part of AH 45 which comes under the Asia highway network. Pandit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS) in Vijayawada is one of the largest bus terminals in Asia. Andhra Pradesh has a total railway network of 3,703.25 km. The Howrah-Chennai main line which runs through the state is considered to be upgraded into high-speed rail corridor. Vishakhapatnam railway station has been declared as the cleanest railway station in the country.

Vishakhapatnam airport is the only international airport in the state. The state has four other domestic airports. There are also 16 small air strips located in the state. Andhra Pradesh has one of the country’s largest seaport at Vishakhapatnam in terms of Cargo handling. The other famous seaports are Krishnapatnam Port, Gangavaram port and Kakinada port. There are also 14 non-major ports in the state.

Climate, Sports And Festival : -

The climate of the Andhra Pradesh varies considerably depending on the geographical region. The summer season lasts from March to June. July to September is the season of tropical rains. About one-third of the total rainfall is brought by the northeast monsoon. October And November see low-pressure systems and tropical cyclones from Bay Of Bengal. December, January and February are the winter months in the State.

The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh is the governing body which looks after the infrastructure development in Cricket, Hockey, Football, Skating, Olympic Weight-lifting, Chess, Water-sports, Tennis, Badminton etc. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the state. The ACA-VDCA stadium in Vishakhapatnam is the home of Andhra Pradesh Cricket Team.

Here are some of the most famous festivals that no one is likely to be missed at any cost which includes Pongal, Ugadi, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Visakha Utsav, Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam, Lumbini Festival and Rayalseema Food and Dance Festival.

Off Beat Locations: -

The state is full of off beat locations which are considered to be best from the tourist point of view. These locations consist of all the things a tourist can demand from starting from waterfall to trekking or from lake and backwater to nature and science. The locations are Papikondalu which is a beautiful hill range bounded by Godawari river. Srisailam is the place of one of the twelve jyotirlingas of lord shiva with a breath-taking view on the bank of Krishna river. Araku Valley is a scenic hill station in the state often known as Andhra ooty. Rajahmundry is a beautiful city located on the banks of Godawari river and is also known as cultural capital of the state.

River, Beaches And Lakes: -

Andhra Pradesh is rich of Rivers, Beaches And lakes due to its second largest coastline in the country alongside Bay of Bengal.

  Some of the Lakes are: -

·        Srisailam

·        Papikondalu

·        Rajahmundry

·        Maylavaram Dam

·        Pulicat lake And Sanctuary

·        Owk Reservoir

·        Kolleru Lake And Santuary

    Some of the Rivers are :-

·        Godawari River

·        Krishna River

·        Penna River

·        Nagavali

·        Swarnamukhi River

·        Munneru River

·        Sabari River

·        Chitravathi River

·        Palar River

·        Papagni River

Folk Dance Songs And Language: -

Kuchipudi is one of the famous traditional dance form of Andhra Pradesh. It gets its name from the village where Brahmins used to practice this art forms. Telugu is the official language of Andhra Pradesh. It has a strong reflection of Sanskrit influence as it absorbed Tatsamas from Sanskrit.

Education: -

Andhra Pradesh has an overall literacy rate of 67.41% according to the census of 2011. The primary and secondary school education is imparted by the government. Private schools are managed and regulated by the School Education Department of the state. As per the child info and school education report (2018-2019) there are 70,41,568 students enrolled in 62,063 schools respectively. More than 600,000 students have appeared for the 2019 SSC exam and recorded an overall pass percentage of 94.88% with a 100% pass percentage in 5,464 schools.

The central universities in the state are All India Institute of Medical Science, IIM Vishakhapatnam, IIT Tirupati, NIIT Tadepalligudem, Indian Institute of Petroleum And Energy, NIDV, Central University Of Andhra Pradesh, IIIT Sri City, IISER Tirupati, Agriculture University, Guntur and IIITDM Kurnool.  There are 18 universities in the state out of which Andhra University is the oldest established in 1926.

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