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DEHRADUN - Doon Valley The Perfect Gateway to Greater Himalayan

Dehradun the most happening district in Uttarakhand, popularly known as the “Education Capital of India”. The capital city itself is home to multiple leading boarding schools of country. It’s the gateway valley to Himalayan range thus provides the tourist halt point just after plain area. The city is also known as Doon Valley, popular stories around suggests, Sikh guru Shri Shri Ram Rai along with his disciples visited Doon Valley for camping  “DERA”  thus the name comes as Dehradun.

India On Road Dehradun
The Mystic Rider visited this beautiful valley multiple time during his all India Motorcycle expedition India On Road, and collected various information about people, destination, hidden waterfalls, offbeat locations, food points and many more. Stay tuned to upcoming blogs about various attraction & hidden destination in Dehradun.

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is gated to some of the extensively famous hill stations in the country like Mussoorie and upper Himalayan range. Dehradun is one of the most popular winter cities of India. It lies in the state of Uttarakhand. Weather is pleasant throughout the year be it winters or summers. Dehradun is placed in the valleys on the foothills of Himalayas. Sorrounded by multiple Himalayan streams like Ganga River flows in the east and Yamuna rivers flow in the west. It is known as the place of tourist’s attraction to the northern region of India. There are several visual sites and many different traditions to know about. It proves to be one of the best holiday tourist destinations of India. Dehradun is a place of peace and to get the utmost peace in life it is the best place to visit to enjoy nature and understand the meaning of life.

Tourists are attracted to sports adventures such as paragliding, skydiving, river acting, bungee jumping etc. The beauty of high mountains, various rivers, heavy rainfall and snowfall are sights of attraction. Dehradun is one of the safe living places of India. It consists of facilities such as education, health, better infrastructure, safety and also economic stability. The region shows the developing status of India. The people of Dehradun carry their spiritual importance and believe in the traditional approach to living a happy life. Their dress-wearing approach is more of traditional outfits. Women prefer Pahadi Ghagra Choli, Lehengas, Sarongs etc.

Being the capital of Uttarakhand, tourists are diverted towards the fascinating sites of Dehradun. They have a unique culture which has its speciality. The transportation facilities are arranged systematically. The buses are identified with blue bars. Clock tower situated in the centre of the city is structured with six functioning clocks. Its fascinating identity of Dehradun. There are statues which increases the beauty of Dehradun. There are Dehradun zoos, where they conserve the wildlife, rescue and provide them protection. It is one of the famous educational visits for the tourist. The languages spoken by the people in Dehradun are Garwali and Kumaoni. It is the city noticed with various heritage temples. Various festivals are celebrated in Dehradun which includes Jhanda fair, Bissu fair etc.

There are many historic temples where the historic moments are refreshed and recreated by acts and dramas. The temples complement much religion. There are various spots where natural experience is promoted by travellers. The land opportunities in the state of Uttarakhand are available with pre-registration and entitle with smooth procedures. The residents have one of the best architecture work done and the ratings of the places depend from area to area. Basmati rice and bakery products are known as the food speciality of Dehradun. There are a number of tribal groups namely Khasas which are represented by the name Jaunsar. This group is one of the popular group known in Dehradun. There are socio tribal group namely Mahingeers and Vangujjars who are popular and adds colours to the beauty of Dehradun.

There are many privileges for the solo traveller. The people of Dehradun believe in cooperation and coordination with solo travellers. Their accommodations are on the top drawer. They are engaged with an opinion of satisfaction along with great comforts. The people of Dehradun treated solo travellers with the best facilities. They tend to be speechless for the service being provided and also appreciate their welcome treatments. Solo travellers enjoy the peace and pleasant atmosphere. Solo travellers had come up with the reviews that the people of Dehradun are humble, loving and caring. Haridwar is the Hindu holy city where many solo travellers visit the pilgrimage. There are ample hotels for travellers to rest and there are sufficient places where solo travellers can put a tent and have a stay. The infrastructure is also well and so travellers find Dehradun a very elegant place to travel.

The district of Dehradun has earned a commendable success with the positive views towards the decision of women empowerment and child development. There was an implementation of the program of women empowerment which resulted in the growth of each child. The moral of this decision has positive results and many of the states are influenced by it. The huge impact of initiating the program of Beti Bachao Beti Padhoa was entitled legally in India. The literacy rate of Dehradun is 89.32% which is great. There are various NGOs for women empowerment in Dehradun. The population of Dehradun is 919,000.

Nearby city like Rishikesh, holds various festivals such as. Jhanda Fair, Tapkeshwar Mela, Bissu Fair and many more. The organization of fairs is the speciality of this district wherein the tourist m experiences the joy and warmth with people. The people of this city have an excellent talent in the art forms of creativity. Tourism educates them by learning the art forms from the people there. The presence of tourist people showcases the economic balance of the district. Tourism is the main source for the financial balance in Dehradun.


Stay tuned to upcoming blogs about various attraction & hidden destination in Dehradun. Knowing and reading about Dehradun is not enough to get peace so to experience the joy and peace one needs to visit the place which welcomes everybody from the depth of its heart. It is one of the best places for the sightseer. Dehradun is famous and collects the best reviews from the national as well as international visitors. They offer excellent connections with the group as well as solo travelers. Dehradun district sounds as the symbol of peace. Satisfaction along with comforts goes hand in hand, in Dehradun. It’s the best destination to visit and make the best memorable memories.

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