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Free of Cost Financial Literacy Program for your Students or Employees

Various “Financial Literacy Surveys” conducted in India over last few years point out to the following facts:

  •  76% of adult Indians do not adequately understand key financial concepts
  •  Only 14% understood risk diversification
  •  Only 14% of the Indians saved with a formal financial institution
  • Only 33% of the Indians are putting aside money for retirement
  • 45% of the participants feel that it is better to spend money on enjoying life than saving for retirement

Financial Literacy Program

To meaningfully address the issue of “Low Awareness” among Indian investors, India On Road is conducting “Financial Literacy & Investor Awareness Programs” at free of cost. These programs are delivered with partnership under CSR activities of SEBI Registered AMCs & Financial Institutions in India. Let’s have a COFEE (Complete Financial Empowerment for Employees) together and understand financial market to becme and informed investor. . Under this initiative we conduct Investor awareness programs which are designed to bring Financial Empowerment to corporate employees, college graduates, and general public  in a structured manner.

Benefits for students

  1. They shall be able to handle their money better when they start earning
  2. They become more responsible savers and investors, hence responsible citizens too.
  3. They shall be ready for the real-life situations and shall be able to take decisions more independently
  4.  Achieving financial goals and financial freedom over a longer period.

Benefits for the institution

  1. An additional informative event for school / colleges to show case and stay ahead in reputation.
  2. Meaningful financial education for the students
  3. The knowledge imparted through the program shall improve students’ skillsets
  4. Students awareness and employability improves considerably
  5. An opportunity to differentiate itself from other colleges
  6. Free educational programs for faculty members too.


Benefits for your employees

  1.  Enhanced awareness about investing in general and invest options in particular
  2.  Better money management skills leading to financial prosperity and peace of mind
  3.  Better planning for important financial goals (Marriage, Dream home, Dream car, Vacations and Retirement)
  4. Participants get access to educative material through our dedicated online platform  
  5. Participants can test their learning through quizzes on our LMS (Learning Management System)

These programs are totally “Free of cost” for your organization and can be conducted in Classroom as well as Online formats. This program focuses only on creating awareness; hence no products, scheme or Mutual Fund promotion is allowed in this program.

Duration – 90 minutes, 
 conducted by industry experts in simple language using real-life situation-based examples and is full of fun. Do let us know if you would like us to conduct a program for your students, employees or members of any associations. Please fill the below contact form with details of your Organization/ Institutions by providing address, phone number and proposed date of conducting the session.




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