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Featuring- Salman Elahi The Voice Behind the Song “Mera Dil Kahin Door Pahadon Mein”

Featuring- Salman Elahi : The Voice behind mic on “Pahadon Mein” If you are a traveler or music lover this particular song must have given you a whole new tranquility while listening to the track Pahadon Mein. The track currently trending in almost all major streaming platform like Apple Music, Spotify,  Saavn and YouTube! 

Salman Elahi

Befizool another masterpiece from Salman Elahi released this month on 2nd August 2021 and started picking up capturing millions of heart.  Love and wishes falling from around the globe, which he stolen through his soft and enchanting voice.

Salman a Mumbai based singer-songwriter who primarily sings and writes in urdu/Hindi language. His First EP called 'Shaan' which has 3 songs on which Pahadon Mein is one of them. The other two beautiful songs are Kabira & Humam which was released early 2020. 


While roaming around greater himalays on All India Ride,
 The Mystic Rider got an opportunity to meet him in Kumaon region and spent some quality musical time together. The experiences shared during those days in early this year will always remain memorable and stay close to heart.  

 Visit Salman Elahi’s Youtube Channel




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