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Featuring- Schöne Den an Ideal Weekend Getaway Between Mumbai & Pune

Featuring- Schöne Den :  is an ideal destination where you can get outdoor picnic and camping packages tailor-made to your needs. A beautiful location packed with activities a perfect gateway for your weekend in and around Mumbai Pune.


Schöne Den

Schöne Den is a camping farm ensconced within the mighty Sahyadris on all four sides. It is one of the best camping destinations easily reachable from Mumbai as well as Pune. If you want one word to describe 'why Schöne Den?', the answer is 'location...!' The Mystic Rider Visited during his all India Motorcycle Expedition and enjoyed excellent hospitality at Schöne Den. 

With some popular trekking spots like Kondhane caves, Rajmachi and Dhak-Bahiri, all within a 5km radius, Schöne Den is a perfect site to serve as base camp for your trekking escapades as well...

But that's not all...! The prime USP of Schöne Den, if the owner is to be believed, is the food they serve...! "We are the one and only site in this area providing 100% authentic Maharashtrian delicacies and we're proud to have our guests come here over and over again, just to enjoy our meals...!" says Kundan, the owner of Schöne Den. "It actually feels good deep inside when guests come back to us just because they liked our food and want to savour that taste time and again, it's the best form of review we can get..." he adds.

Schöne Den is also an adventure hub for every member of every age group in every family. With their backyard zipline setup and in-house Quad bike circuit, you can quench your thirst for thrill at this beautiful campsite located just 12kms from Karjat.

They say "Disconnect to Connect, is the new trend..." Once you go back from Schöne Den to your routine, you'll feel the difference...!

You'll feel how far better it was to connect to nature than to the internet, how a bird-call was better than an alarm-clock... You'll feel how the mattress in your tent was way better than a plush soft cushioned bed in your AC Bedroom...

To know more about tariff plans and packages offered by Schöne Den, visit their website by clicking here :

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