“Being grateful to the AS IS, is the 1st step towards the solution. Choice is yours be grateful or remain stressful.” ― The Mystic Rider

Design rather than default, was the great saying which somehow shaken him since childhood. It’s been told that, he was born on road… Yes true! Since the time of birth, he got his graduation as BBA (Born Before Arrival at the hospital). Probably it was the 1st unconditional decision taken by him to come out in to this world. The Love for ROAD is inherited from the creation itself. It was not well known to all that ROADs will have a major role to play in his later stage of life and life moved on the way it was supposed to as everyone moves, with imposed conditionings. It’s always been told to him “You cannot always choose how, when and even where?”.


Deep-rooted in childhood:

When was at class 6th got 1st prize in bicycles competition set the tone for riding at school level itself, surroundings wanted him to be a doctor as elder brother an engineer and elder sister as an advocate. During his high school level, again it’s shaken all when he reached in to a state level final public speaking competition on subject “Nature and its blessings to mankind”. Everything went as per plan except the case of this man; he made a choice to be finance professional as his career choice, going rebel with all who wanted him to be a doctor. Blood of teacher was there, and he continued to perform a role of teacher whenever got an opportunity. Gradually moved on to training domain after few years of professional work with various national & international organizations. The fire of being on road was ignited none other than his boss. The fire which was dormant since long and he hit the road again leaving job, and that’s how he reached to the current form of contemporary motorcycling. 

An Early Life:

It has been told him that he was born on the road and found, yes! It’s true... This inherited love for road took him to come so far for the dying love for riding. After graduation he took a chance to work with some of the  world’s most reputed financial institutions, Ansh P Aka — The Mystic Rider found something missing, and gradually transformed his interest form biking to ride for social causes and welfare. He is decided to quit job and started riding to aware people about social causes. He called himself and Known as Ansh — The Mystic Rider, “The Disruptor of the Doctrines of Convenience.”

By profession a finance professional, Six-Sigma Certified Corporate Trainer, with rich industry experience. The Mystic Rider is a believer of teachings of Buddha, Swami Vivekanand, Chanakya, Eckhart Tolle, and highly influenced by them. His teaching and thinking is dominated by his Gurus. He is also an author of Academic and Motivational books which are available in all online platforms that also help him to earn support to his rides, and also active in the content development.

Initial Recognition:

Once was travelling in east coastal belt of India on shore of Bay of Bengal, he encountered with the famous proverb, which literally translates as “Basil’s seedling spreads its aroma right from the first two leaves!” Growing up, he was being told that sacrifices what made the LIFE. We can’t have all and absolute; we must need to sacrifice one in hope of another. While growing with the imposed popular culture of capitalism, money fame as symbol of success, he conditioned to move ahead as programmed machine to be an efficient technician as desired by the so called social order. The fundamental understanding was, study well, do a good job, earn huge lot of money with an objective to live in peace and pursue passion. Fortunately, once realized that the very act of job and so called conditional works stealing away the peace of mind. If the objective is diluted than what needs to be done?

Journey with a Question:

What I want to do? Is the only question which took him deep within, in finding his own passion & solution. It was long back, since the time

unknown, when somehow, he was convinced that it’s not required to be expressed as part of society to being human as per social order, it’s not necessarily required to accept any theories or concepts propagated by many through years. The fundamental question remains unanswered during those days, if the above is true and he was so very certain with not accepting any theories or concept, he started maneuvering around the central question “What I want to do? 

"The imaginative psyche investigates whatever it is captivated by as opposed to working up an arsenal of abilities.: - The Art of Creative Thinking Rod Judkins"


Its Actually Probing, Not Seeking:

In searching of an answer to the very basic, within the mind. It’s probably the question of how to cross the hot stream of confusion & conflicts?, which conditioned for years through various route. May be a kind of searching an end or result at which can say “Yes this is complete fulfillment”

However, it was a clear understanding, that this beauty state of life is neither the result of egotistic personal expression, nor it’s a product of any disciplinary theoretical practice. This can’t be derived from continuous compulsion and imitation. The same also can’t be acquired through romantic religious sentiment or conclusions drawn by many according to their level of convenience. This is how his journey started in exploring and examining, while travelling different places on his motor bike, from a time unknown. 

It’s not required to remember when started, but start NOW is the only way out, the beginning is always at NOW. And the process of discovering himself started as Soul Traveler.



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