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Five Cities to Travel during Diwali Vacation

Since the pandemic, this is the first year people can breathe freely and roam the street to enjoy the festive vibes. Diwali is the season of lights, gifts, diyas, and let's not forget sweets. But in addition to all of this, Diwali also provides holidays that inspire our spirits to leave the house and visit less expensive destinations.

Welcome back to the travel tour. Since it's the season of festive vibes and holidays, allow me to share with you some incredible locations that will undoubtedly warm your heart and help you make the most of your time off. Here is a tip for planning a weekend trip to the cities listed below and allow two to three days for your trip. Also checkout the best deals for backpackers

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1.     Jaipur and Udaipur

Many tourists are drawn to the cultural cities in order to immerse themselves in the local culture and become familiar with traditional acts. These Indian cities, which are located in Rajasthan-The Desert Paradise, have strong ties to the King dynasty. The forts, pounds, lodgings, resorts, cultural events, and safari excursions are all worthwhile places to visit and spend leisure time for a couple of days. 



2.    Amritsar

The city is known for the great Golden Temple and its blessings. This is a spiritual place where people come to take Guru Nanak’s blessings. People can visit this place to seek blessings, explore the Punjabi culture, do the shopping and revive history.

 3.    Varanasi

One of my favorite cities in Uttar Pradesh is Varanasi. The city is located in the center of the Ganges, where huge ghats bearing special names can be found. The town is recognized as India's spiritual center. Hindu mythology, a variety of foods, cookware, and gange darshan are all available. The city's temples, which include a number of well-known old temples with obscure histories, are among the most popular attractions. You can visit the city and discover the Hindu culture there.


 4.    Lonavala

The Indian district of Pune is home to the western ghats hill station. Westerners consider the city to be a hill station because of its spectacular weather. Green valleys surround Lonavala, which is known for its consistently pleasant weather. The places listed below, along with many others, can be visited: Tiger's Leap, Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Dam, Krale Caves, etc.

Pro tip: Enjoy the hot food and the tastiest Vada Poa on the street there! 

 5.    Ayodhya

Last but not least, Ayodhya is where Lord Ram was born and where Ram Ji, Sita Ji, and Laxman Ji returned following 14 years of Vanwas. I would advise celebrating the Diwali festival in Ayodhya rather than taking a vacation there for the holiday. People assemble close to the Sarayu River's banks from all around Uttar Pradesh, including from distant cities, to burn lanterns. In order to greet our Ram Ji and his family, the city plans to light up additional diyas, breaking its previous record of more than 3 lakh.


Diwali is a time to decorate your homes and enjoy every second with your loved ones. But Diwali also offers the chance to travel light with a backpack and visit a few adjacent places. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover India's hidden beauties.

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