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India is a country full of varied religions, languages, and traditions. All the states are known for their famous cultural activity, food, dressing attire and tourist places. There is one thing unique about India that every state has its own unique attractive feature through which tourist do come to visit that place. Presenting one of the Best Road Trip & Experience of the Dessert Delight of Jaisalmer.

Talking about the richness of culture and traditions, here is the golden city of India- Jaisalmer! The city resides in the hearts of Indian Thar desserts and heritage culture. Being fond of royalty and tradition, Jaisalmer is the perfect fit for a three-day vacation trip. The desired place for couples, family, or friends is where you can find luxurious places, hotels, forts, desert safari, and many more things to add fun in your road trip. 

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Battle of Longewala Jaisalmer

1.     Tanot Mata Temple and Longewala War Museum are places known for their historical existence since war times. These places are situated near northwest of Jaisalmer which is 120 Km away from the city. The peaceful temple is taken care of by BSF India as, during the Indo-Pakistan war, bombs were exploded at the temple and no harm was caused to the temple which depicted the spiritual power of God and protection.

Rajasthan Tour Battle of Longewala Jaisalmer
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 2.    Ashapura Mata Mandir is located in Pokhran, Rajasthan. The temple is a spiritual destination for people who like to seek god’s blessing. As the name suggests, the temple is popular among the localities for fulfilling their wishes and empowering health, wealth and knowledge.

Best Desert Camping Gears 

3.    Sam Sand Dunes, the majestic place situated in Thar deserts call for some relaxing time and a lovely sunset view. This is one of the best places in Jaisalmer which no one should miss. An adventurous place with a desert safari fun for people, a lovely sunset view, and adding some Rajasthani culture folk dance moves. They also provide a stay facility for the people who want to set their mood in the sandy desert and manifest luxurious camps and tents.

Dessert Delight of Jaisalmer

4.    Jaisalmer Fort, the charm of the city is also known as Golden fort. The fort is situated at the hilltop and signifies absolute carving in the sandstones. A historic lover must visit this place to explore the culture, various regional food and camel safari.

5. Patwon Haveli is occupied by the Art and Craft department of the Rajasthan Government. The place is almost 2 km far from Jaisalmer bust stand, visitors can take a walk to reach Patwon ki Haveli. This haveli is a cluster of Havelis and among a few hidden gems of the city. One can explore ancient artwork, historic artifacts & museums, paintings, carvings and admirable mirror work in the haveli. 

6.    Kuldhara- The Haunted Village, the name is an intriguing factor for the visitors and attracts them to visit this place. Paranormals have also witnessed various suspicious activities in this place. The haunted village is cursed by its ancestors and is known to be one of the most popular haunted places in India.

7.    Bada Bagh temple in literal words means grand garden. This temple is known as barbagh which is located in the north Jaisalmer area. The temple is constructed by ancestral Jaisalmer kings and maharajas with the idea of depicting a symbolic image of a king/ man/ horse. One can visit this temple to observe the sandstone carving and experience the ruling powers of kings of past times. 

Rajasthan Road Trip

Encounter the extravagant city of sand and forts with the touch of royalty from the month of September to February. This is the best time to take a city tour where day time is pleasant and nights are cold. Jaisalmer is considered to be the best destination to experience the royal Rajasthani flavors, culture and arts. Have fun in the sandy wind with some add-on culture mix in Jaisalmer Rajasthan, India.


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