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Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake: Your Life Manual to live your best life


 Guru Opinion: Your Life Manual to live your best life, is to  help you in taking charge of your own life, a product from the  experience of two soul travelers meeting accidentally and  exchanges their experience while travelling and meeting  people. While travelling across & meeting different people,  cultures and experiencing nature, putting an honest effort to  examine multi factorial aspect of human’s basic nature &  reaction.

Chapters | Central themes:
Chapter 01 You have a right to Make Mistake | You Must Make Mistakes to Proceed in Life
Chapter 02 Journey Must Begin with a question | The beginning is always NOW
Chapter 03 Journey from obstacles into Opportunities |Life is a beautiful flower which needs to be blossomed; it should not be spoiled with obstacles. Let Universal Intelligence to work for you
Chapter 04 Destination of LUCK & DESTINY | There is nothing like Luck & Destiny as its created & understood by thoughts & conditioning. The whole life is Product of Action. The Life is our making, and we continuously making our own life.
Chapter 05 The Absolute Law: Mirror of Conscience |Miracle happens, align with nature & find out
Chapter 06 Don't look for approval, It's always Self Approval | Don't look for approval, It's Self Approval
Chapter 07 Learn to differentiate "Inconvenience and Inconvenience for cause" | No doubt, there is possibilities you may be betrayed but ask yourself again and do at least your part right
Chapter 08 Source of Argument | Know it, Why to believe?
Chapter 09 Broad-Minded :-An Illusion | Set your own limits, without allowing others to set it for you
Chapter 10 Power of Personal Purpose Statement |Never be a victim of others definition of self, instead define yourself own
Chapter 11 Be a thick skin against all odds when It's time to act |How to overcome distractions
Chapter 12 Perseverance: The underestimated Soldier | It’s not the question of not having the strength to move on; it is moving on when you don't have the strength
Chapter 13 What reward you choose for yourself today? |24*7 Equal for all, it’s the making of it which matters. It's only when you love yourself first
Chapter 14 You are one choice away from your new beginning | You can spit in the eye of destiny only if you have the courage to choose for yourself
Chapter 15 Social Cause We Are supporting | About our social work


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