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PUNJAB - The Annadata of India With Full of Spirit & Zeal

Punjab is a state in northwest locale of India and is one of the most prosperous states. The name Punjab is made of two words Punj (Five) + Aab (Water) for example place where there are five streams. These five waterways of Punjab are Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum. Just Sutlej, Ravi and Beas streams stream in the present Punjab. Punjab in its current structure appeared on November 1, 1966, when the vast majority of its overwhelmingly Hindi-talking zones were isolated to shape the new province of Haryana. The city of Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana.

Medieval and Modern History: -

The establishments of the current Punjab were laid by Banda Singh Bahadur, a recluse who turned into a military head and, with his battling band of Sikhs, briefly freed the eastern piece of the territory from Mughal rule in 1709–10. In 1849 the Punjab realm tumbled to the soldiers of the British East India Company and therefore turned into a territory under British guideline. By the late nineteenth century, in any case, the Indian patriot development grabbed hold in the territory.

One of the most noteworthy occasions related with the development was the 1919 Massacre of Amritsar, which came about because of a request given by the British general Reginald Edward Harry Dyer to fire on a gathering of approximately 10,000 Indians who had assembled to fight new ant subversion guidelines sanctioned by the British organization; as indicated by one report, almost 400 kicked the bucket and around 1,200 were harmed in the contention.

At the point when India picked up its freedom in 1947, the British area of Punjab was part between the new sovereign conditions of India and Pakistan, and the littler, eastern bit turned out to be a piece of India. On November 1, 1966, Punjab was isolated based on language into the for the most part Hindi-talking province of Haryana and the new, principally Punjabi-talking territory of Punjab; in the interim, the northernmost regions were moved to Himachal Pradesh, and the recently developed city of Chandigarh and its quick environmental factors turned into a different UT.

Connection of the State: -

It is limited by the Indian conditions of Jammu and Kashmir toward the north, Himachal Pradesh toward the upper east, Haryana toward the south and southeast, and Rajasthan toward the southwest and by the nation of Pakistan toward the west. Punjab has a standout amongst other created street systems in the nation. All-climate cleared streets reach out to most towns, and the state is crossed by various national thruways. Punjab likewise is very much served by the Northern Railway—some portion of the national railroad framework. There is a worldwide air terminal in Amritsar, and customary household administration is accessible in Chandigarh and Ludhiana. A few different air terminals offer payload administration.

Climate and Festival’s: -

The state has a fair amalgamation of warmth in summer, downpour in storm and cold in winter. The three seasons are so unmistakably conveyed that you can appreciate every one of them independently. Punjab encounters both summer and winter to its extraordinary. It even gets plentiful precipitation, which makes the express an exceptionally ripe land. Annual precipitation is most elevated in the Siwalik Range, which may get in excess of 45 inches (1,150 mm), and least in the southwest, which may get under 12 inches (300 mm).

Punjab is known to the world for the rich soul and excellent way of life. Celebrations of Punjab are the best an ideal opportunity to encounter the dynamic quality of their way of life in its most amazing appearance.

·        Baisakhi

·        Hola Mohalla

·        Lohri

·        Karwa Chauth

·        Basant Panchmi

·        Teeyan

·        Chappar Mela

·        Jor Mela

·        Tikka

·        Guru-purab

Off Beat Locations: -

Being one of the most noteworthy spots in India verifiably, this state is loaded up with superb design and places of love. Following are the excellent areas that make it to the must visit places list:

·        Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple

·        Jallianwala Bagh

·        The Rock Garden

·        The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

·        The Doraha Fort

·        Wagah Border service

·        Qila Mubarak

·        Harike wetland and fledgling asylum

·        The Kila Raipur Sports Festival

·        Nursery of quietness

·        Virasat-e-Khalsa

River, Beaches and Lakes: - Rivers & Punjab are inseparable part, they both go side by side with each other.


·        Beas

·        Satluj

·        Ravi

·        Chenab

·        Jhelum


·        Harike wetland

·        Kanjli

·        Ropar wetland

·        Sukhna Lake

·        Mataur

·        Goindwal

·        Maharaja Aji sarovar

Folk Dance Songs and Language: -

Punjab is an extremely rich state with respect to the styles and number of societies moves that you can discover here. It has a wide range of assortments of society moves including Bhangra and Giddha among the most conspicuous and famous. different celebrated society moves are Jhoomer, Malawi, Julli, Sammi, Jaago, Dankara, Luddi and some more.

Punjabi, the official language of the state, is the tenth most generally communicated in language on the planet. It is additionally the fourth most communicated in language in Asia. It is the main living language among the Indo-European dialects which is a completely apparent language. Punjabi is written in the Gurmukhi Script. Other than Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and the all-around acclaimed English are also spoken in Punjab.



Notwithstanding the administration, private associations have assumed a noteworthy job in the expansion of training at the essential, optional, and tertiary levels all through the state. Training is necessary and free for students matured 6 to 11. Auxiliary instruction is likewise free in state schools. Broadcasting has been particularly significant in the dispersal of professional and social training all through the state.

Punjab has a few state colleges, including Punjabi University (1962) in Patiala, Guru Nanak Dev University (1969) in Amritsar, Panjab University (1956) in Chandigarh, Punjab Agricultural University (1962) in Ludhiana, Punjab Technical University (1997) in Jalandhar, and Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (1998) in Faridkot. Likewise, there are in excess of 200 particular schools and specialized organizations.

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