Man Mind & Matter- Buddhism An Early Discourse "Denial of a Permanent Self"

Man Mind & Matter- a Special section on this blog India On Road. This section of blog will continue to examine very critically to the doctrines human believe system and responses of life towards it. While traveling some of the India's Best Road Trips.  If you reading this blog for the first time suggest starting with start of this section Man Mind & Matter- The Idea of Self and Consciousness in Upanishads. For initial few posts are in a series.   Previously we discussed about the non-duality of the Ultimate Reality. Many Buddhist scholars met in India on Road, subscribe to the idea of “Denial of a Permanent Self” Understanding various aspects of Buddhism is not possible through one blog or one book, hence this discussion of Self & Consciousness will be continuing …. on India On RoadIndia's Best Road Trips. 

The Mystic Rider at Diskit Monastery

The Mystic Rider at Diskit Monastery

The Early Discourse in Buddhism:

In one of the early discourses of the Buddha says that we need to consider any form of sensation and consciousness, whether “past, future, or present; internal or external; manifest or subtle it is actually is.,,” ‘this is not mine self. This is not what I am.’ This statement shows us that Buddha refuted the idea of the permanent nature of the self, as opposed to the enduring and substantive self as enumerated in the Upanishads. 

The Buddhist doctrines of consciousness revolves around a complete rejection of a permanent self, and personal referrals to anything as absolute or permanent. Such analysis holds a vital part of Buddhist doctrines of consciousness   The common use of the indexical such as “I” (aham) and ‘mine’ (mama) does not indicate Buddha accepts the conventional of persons either. Non-self as central understanding, Buddhist doctrine puts advocates on what is non-desirable and non-attainable rather as what they are? Its the habitual tendency in constructing a self image to justify identity taking ingredients from ever changing objective or Subjective phenomena.    

Many Buddhist scholars continuing to maintain that, the self is an attribution to habitually acquired through a series of events autonomously. just as Hume claims that "a self is never apprehended in the series of perceptions, which are characteristics of the mental domain". The dualistic doctrines of self is lead by multiple misinterpretation of "discrete phenomena of experience as a self" Something in continuous motion changing its appearance and get categorized as subjective or materialistic, the confusion starts with the impact of dualistic outlook inherited as mind product. This we develop a self in imagination and try to place it as permanent and urge to experience this phenomenon again and again.  

While understanding the idea of self as "imaginary" in intellectual terms and overlapping with habitual inheritance is probably the root cause of total ignorance. 

This is not the end of discussion, but the beginning.  While editing this topic today at GOA - The Paradise on The Arabian Sea, experiencing a different aura all around. The August Skies in Goa Right Now Right Here the View of beaches showering further impetus to polish my editing skills. There are multiple articles already written under this section of Man Mind & Matter and will be uploading the next one very soon from Goa itself. To be continued……. 

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India On Road at Lakshadweep
India On Road at Lakshadweep

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  1. This is amazing INTROSPECTION of self , particularly when you travel alone. It's the best time to talk to self while in TRANSIT of LIFE. Every one aspires to LIVE life fully. But it can't be achieved by sitting at home. Those who embark on 'journeys', however small or long they may be , gets an opportunity to explore people who uncovers the myths. Everyone who meets you on way will tell something. You just have lend an ear and then ponder upon. Discovery of self is simple enough ......... only one has to embark.


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