Free Financial Literacy Certification for Students

India continues to be a country where “Financial awareness” levels continue to be abysmally low across all categories of investors. Many experts feel that the foundation of financial awareness should be laid down early in the student life for individual investors, to correct this situation.

Financial Literacy for Students

We at India On Road, traveling across India and visiting thousands of Institutions with creating awareness regarding Financial Literacy among various groups of fresher and college students. These awareness sessions are absolutely at Free of Cost for Colleges, Educational Institution, & NGOs as Sponsored by An Initiative undertaken by the Financial Sector Regulators & Stakeholders to promote financial know how amongst youths.


The newly launched program also gives you the flexibility to conduct as online session, which is suitable for final year students, who shall be soon joining the work force. This program also suitable for general public and members of community. This program is totally free of Cost and is designed to stimulate the young minds towards budgeting, savings and investing

Benefits for students:

  1.        Certification on Financial Literacy
  2.     They shall be able to handle their money better when they start earning
  3.    They become more responsible savers and investors, hence responsible citizens too.
  4.    They shall be ready for the real-life situations and shall be able to take decisions more independently
  5.     Achieving financial goals and financial freedom over a longer period.

Benefits for the institution:

  •      An Educational Event to Showcase on Website & Media
  •    Meaningful financial education for the students
  •    The knowledge imparted through the program shall improve students’ skillsets
  •    Students awareness and employability improves considerably
  •     An opportunity to differentiate itself from other colleges
  • Free educational programs for faculty members too

We propose conducting this program online using Zoom. The entire expense of the program shall be borne by the sponsoring Mutual Fund. This program focuses only on creating awareness; hence no scheme or Mutual Fund promotion is allowed in this program. You may please use this link to register.

Logistics Requirements:

  • Laptop or Mobile on which students can join to participate
  • Minimum Batch Size required to conduct Free Session is 50 Participants
  • Participants required to fill a registration form and join the session via invitation link only  

This program (Duration – 90 minutes) is conducted by industry experts & master trainers in simple language using real-life situation-based examples and is full of fun. You may write to us via below contact form for additional information. 


Previous Session Conducted by The Mystic Rider at Dehradun 

Financial Literacy Conducted by The Mystic Rider


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