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TAMIL NADU - The Enchanting Culture

The State of Tamil Nadu lies in the southern most piece of India. Tamil Nadu has an enhanced assembling area and highlights among the pioneers in a few enterprises. The capital is Chennai (Madras), on the coast in the north-eastern segment of the state.

Medieval and Modern History:

The historical backdrop of Tamil Nadu starts with the foundation of a trinity of Tamil forces in the locale—to be specific, the Chera, Chola, and Pandya realms—which are all of obscure vestige. These realms appreciated conciliatory and exchange relations with removed grounds. From the mid-sixth century until the ninth century, the Chalukyas of Badami, the Pallavas of Kanchi (presently Kanchipuram), and the Pandyas of Madurai battled a long arrangement of wars in the district. The period, in any case, was set apart by a restoration of Hinduism and the development of the expressive arts.

In the mid-fourteenth century, the Hindu realm of Vijayanagar, which incorporated all of Tamil Nadu, became a force to be reckoned with. n 1640 the East India Company of England opened an exchanging post at the fishing town of Madraspatnam (presently Chennai) with the consent of the nearby ruler. The historical backdrop of Tamil Nadu from the mid-seventeenth century to 1946 is the account of the British-controlled Madras Presidency in relationship to the ascent and fall of British force in India. After Indian autonomy in 1947, the Madras Presidency became Madras state. The state's Telugu-talking zones were isolated to shape some portion of the new territory of Andhra Pradesh in 1953. In 1956 Madras was isolated further, with certain zones heading off to the new territory of Kerala and different territories turning out to be a piece of Mysore (presently Karnataka). What survived from Madras state was renamed Tamil Nadu in 1968.

Connection of the State:

The transportation of the southern Indian states unites on Chennai. A very much created street arrange makes express transport administration accessible to every single significant town and spots of intrigue. Numerous railroads likewise go through the state. Two of India's significant seaports are situated in Tamil Nadu—in the north at Chennai and in the south at Tuticorin.

Chennai being the global air terminal in the southern district is the principle focus of carrier courses. Moreover, there are air terminals at Tiruchirapalli, Madurai, Coimbatore and Salem. The absolute length of railroads is 4,181 km, the primary intersections being Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli.

Climate and Festival’s:

The atmosphere of Tamil Nadu is basically tropical. In May and June, the most smoking months, greatest day by day temperatures in Chennai normal around 100 °F (38 °C), while least temperatures normal in the low 80s F (upper 20s C). In December and January, the coolest months, temperatures generally ascend from around 70 °F (21 °C) into the mid-80s F (around 30 °C) every day.

The normal yearly precipitation, falling essentially among October and December, relies upon the southwest and upper east storms and ranges somewhere in the range of 25 and 75 inches (630 and 1,900 mm) a year.

With regards to taking a brief look at the way of life and conventions of South India, Tamil Nadu is one of those states in India which has had the option to protect its custom till this date. A portion of the significant celebrations are Pongal, Thiruvaiyaru Festival, Thaipusam, Natyanjali Dance Festival, Mahamaham, Tamil New Year's Day, Karthigai Deepam and so forth.

Off Beat Locations:  

There are various spots in the province of Tamil Nadu.

·        Social Center

·        French Colony

·        Old Hills

·        Dhanushkodi

·        Hogenakkal Waterfalls

·        Tuticorin

·        Kanyakumari – Southernmost Tip of India

·        Trichy

·        Nagapattinam

·        The Fort City

·        Pollachi

·        Yanam

·        Tranquebar & many more

River, Beaches and Lakes: -


·        Kaveri

·        Palar

·        Thamirabarani

·        Vaigai

·        Bhavani

·        Amaravati

·        Noyyal

·        Thirumanimutharu & many more


·        Kaliveli

·        Kovalai

·        Chembarambakkam

·        Pulicat

·        Sholavaram

·        Veeranam

·        Red hills lake

·        Singanallur & many more

Folk Dance Songs and Language:

Move or Nadagam structures a necessary piece of the way of life of Tamil Nadu, with its starting point coming from the antiquated move show structure called Therukoothu. Well known society moves of state are mayil attam, kummi, kai silambu attam, bharatnatyam, karakattam, bhagavatha nandanam, oyilattam, kavadi attam, karagam, kolaattam, kuravanji, nondi natakam, pavai koothu, and bommalattam.

Tamil, the official state language, is spoken by the greater part of the individuals. Other Dravidian dialects utilized inside the state incorporate Telugu, which is spoken by approximately one-tenth of the populace, just as Kannada and Malayalam, which are spoken by a lot of littler numbers.


A huge number of open and private essential, center, and secondary schools are dissipated over the territory of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, there are various expressions and science universities, clinical schools, designing schools, polytechnic establishments, and mechanical preparing organizations. Among the most conspicuous of Tamil Nadu's colleges are the University of Madras (1857) and Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (1989), both in Chennai, Annamalai University (1929) in Chidambaram; Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (1971) in Coimbatore; and Madurai Kamaraj University (1966) in Madurai.

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