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WEST BENGAL - Sweet and Beauty Beyond Heaven

West Bengal brags of various ethnicities, societies, religions, individuals and dialects which add to its wonderful scenes, timberlands, beach front excellence just as its legacy. The name of Bengal or Bangla is gotten from the old realm of Vanga, or Banga. In early Sanskrit writing references to the name of Banga happen. West Bengal is the main Indian state which has The Himalayas, The Duars Forests, the immense sea shores of The Bay of Bengal, and multitudinous streams. The capital is Kolkata (Calcutta).

Medieval and Modern History:

The name of Bengal or Bangla is gotten from the antiquated realm of Vanga, or Banga. In early Sanskrit writing references to the name of Banga happen, through its initial history is practically dark until the third century BC. Be that as it may, Stone Age instruments going back 20,000 years have been unearthed in the State. Remainders of human progress in the district go back 4,000 years, when the locale was settled by Dravidian, Tibetan-Burman, and Austro-Asiatic people groups. The locale was a piece of the Vanga realm of antiquated India.

In 1757 British powers under Robert Clive vanquished those of the nawab (leader) of Bengal, Sirāj al-Dawlah, in the Battle of Plassey close to introduce day Palashi. In 1765 the ostensible Mughal sovereign of northern India, Shah ʿālam II, conceded to the British East India Company the dīwānī of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa (presently Odisha) that is, the option to gather and manage the incomes of those territories. By the Regulating Act of 1773, Warren Hastings turned into the main British senator general of Bengal. The British-controlled government, focused at Calcutta (presently Kolkata), was proclaimed to be incomparable.

History of present-day Bengal starts with the approach of European and English exchanging organizations. Clash of Plassey in 1757 changed the course of history when the English originally increased a solid a dependable balance in Bengal and India. In 1905 it was divided to accomplish some political returns yet individuals' developing development under the support of Congress prompted the gathering in 1911. This activated furious development for opportunity which finished with Independence in 1947, and segment.

After 1947, the merger of local regal states started which finished with its last redesign in 1956 (according to Recommendations of the States Reorganization Act, 1956) when some Bengali talking territories of a neighbouring State were moved to West Bengal.

Connection of the State:

It is limited toward the north by the territory of Sikkim and the nation of Bhutan, toward the upper east by the province of Assam, toward the east by the nation of Bangladesh, toward the south by the Bay of Bengal, toward the southwest by the territory of Odisha, toward the west by the conditions of Jharkhand and Bihar, and toward the northwest by the nation of Nepal. Transport Department cares for arrangement of transport offices and framework on street, inland water and air inside the area of State Government.

It likewise gives authoritative and lawful structure to the equivalent. Its exercises incorporate issue of licenses and allows. The length of streets as on 31st March, 2002 has been 91,970km including 1898 km of National Highways. The length of streets under State Highway is 3533 km, under PWD 12,565km and that of the area streets 42,479km individually.

Climate and Festival’s:

West Bengal's atmosphere is transitional between tropical wet-dry in the southern segments and muggy subtropical in the north. All through West Bengal there is an articulated occasional dissimilarity in precipitation. For instance, Kolkata midpoints around 64 inches (1,625 mm) every year, of which a normal of 13 inches (330 mm) falls in August and under 1 inch (25 mm) in December.

West Bengal is an unbelievable state regarding celebrations, culture, clothing, and way of life. This district has been celebrated in a few aspects of the photographic and print media. A plenty of festivities and merriments is one of the highlights that feature the state and makes it worth a visit. Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Bhai Phota, Id-Ul-Fitr, Chhat Puja, Dol Purnima, Poush Sankranti, Jamai Shoshti and some more.

Off Beat Locations:

Places in west Bengal are a must visit to enjoy & explore its culture form the base.  

·        Chandraketugarh

·        Garh Panchkot

·        Taki

·        Dooars

·        Samsing

·        Lepchajagat

·        Jayrambati

·        Rajahbhatkawa

·        Tajpur

·        Duarsini

River, Beaches and Lakes:


·        Ganga

·        Hooghly

·        Damodar

·        Teesta

·        Mahananda

·        Ajay

·        Churni

·        Haldi

·        Subarnarekha

·        Jamuna

·        Raidak

·        Atrai

·        Padma

·        Kangsabati


·        Mirik

·        Sumendu

·        Rasik Beel

·        Sagar Dighi

·        Senchal lake

·        Subhash sarovar etc

Folk Dance Songs and Language:

The way of life of West Bengal is prestigious worldwide for its wealth and assortment. Move and music are fundamental pieces of Bengali culture which mirrors the rich social legacy of the state. Brita, Gambhira, Tusu, Santhal, Lathi, Classical Bangla, Rabindra Sangeet, Baul Sangeet etc are famous folk dance performed in the state.

English and Bengali are the two authority (apparently, first official) dialects of the state. To these will be included Urdu, Gurmukhi, Nepali, Ol-Chiki, Oriya and Hindi.


The literacy rate of west Bengal is 77.1%. West Bengal has in excess of 10 degree-allowing colleges, just as building and clinical schools and numerous specialized organizations. The University of Calcutta (1857) and Jadavpur (1955) and Rabindra Bharati (1962) colleges are totally situated in Kolkata. The science research facilities of the University of Calcutta, the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, and the Bose Institute have made prominent commitments to science. The Asiatic Society of Bengal, an insightful association established in 1784, is headquartered in Kolkata.

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