Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips in September & October 2021 in Uttarakhand

Good news Char Dham Yatra Opens for Tourist. Today Uttarakhand high court lifted ban on Char Dham Yatra now tourist can visit Char Dham in September and October. When is Char Dham Yatra Opening for Tourist in 2021? Is Char Dham Yatra Road Trips Opening for Tourist from September 2021? These were two trending questions on internet, well   wait is over and Char Dham Yatra Opening for Tourist from September 2021 . If you like to experience a life changing spiritual Road Trips, you are reading the right article. India On Road brings India’sBest Road Trips for you. Uttarakhand Govt. recently announced guidelines for tourist to commence Char Dham Yatra from  September 2021.

Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips

While you continue reading this article you will be enlighten with, the significance of Char dham, Best Route For Char Dham Road Trips, Things to do while visiting Char Dham, Other Place which you can visit while doing your Char Dham Yatra, Best Bike Route for Char Dham Road Trips and many more. Don’t forget to check the Google Map for Best Route attached at the end of this Article.


As the pressure mounted from all side and state election over-head Uttarakhand Govt. reached Supreme Court with an appeal to lift ban on Char Dham Yatra, which was imposed by Uttarakhand High Court. And the good news comes from Supreme Court with certain caution. Yes now tourist can start visiting Char Dham with following guidelines.


Latest Guideline For Char Dham Yatra:

Uttarakhand high court lifted ban on Char Dham Yatra with strict Covid protocol to be followed. High Court also imposed a daily restrictions on number of tourist can visit Char Dham on a daily basis. According to sources Nainital High Court set the guideline of number of tourist as follows  Kedarnath 800 Badrinath 1200 Gangotri 600 and Yamunotri 400 per day. Uttarakhand Government will be releasing a detail guideline for tourist soon can be checked at their official website Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board . High court also mandates COVID-19 negative report and double vaccination certificate for devotees coming in Uttarakhand.

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Gangotri Dham Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips
@India_On_Road at Gangotri Dham

What is Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand?

Char Dham Yatra- A spiritual Yatra, (Pilgrimage Circuit) devotees undertakes in the state of Uttarakhand in Garhwal region. The Yatra usually popular amongst Hindus as Chhota Char Dham,  on which people faith turns in to a circular travel to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath.  In country llike India, where faith and believes rules the society these spiritual circuits holds immense significance. Badrinath Dham also part of Bada Char Dham (Longer Char dham)  of country along with Dwaraka, Puri and Rameswaram. People try to complete their spiritual journey to achieve moksha (salvation). Both Chota Char Dham as well as Bada Char Dham holds these high spiritual believes and values for Hindus.  Here we are discussing about Chota Char Dham, covering the spiritual circuit for Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath in the state of Uttarakhand.


Best Route For Char Dham Yatra Road Trips:

The popular start point of Char Dham Yatra is Rishikesh, however people entering from Kumaon region of the state starts it from Almora districts. Most people prefer to undertake Char Dham Yatra under one trip hence usually start from Yamunotri and move towards Badrinath to finish their holy journey via Gangotri and  Kedarnath. Another popular trend is Visiting only Kedarnath or Combining Kedarnath & Badrinath for one trip and visiting Gangotri & Yamunotri on another journey. Sometime also people prefers visiting only Kedarnath. So here we will be discussing about all best available routes for complete Char Dham Yatra.


Yamunotri - Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips
Janki chatti Yamunotri  

Best Route for Complete Char Dham Road Trips:

If you starting from cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun ettc in Garwal Region the below route is best suitable for a Road Trips. This route not only provides you spiritual fulfillments but also offers many other beautiful destinations to explore.  This route can be divided in to 5 Phases starting from Rishikesh and returning back to Rishikesh.


Pahse 1  (Rishikesh to Yamunotri)-  Rishikesh-Dehradun-Mussoorie-Ram Gaon-Bhediyana-Naugaon-Kanseru-Barkot-Janki Chatti – Yamunotri  .


Place You can Explore on This Route:  You can take your vehicles around 240KM up to Janki Chatti, the motorable roads ends there. From Janki Chatti there is around 5KM Walk on a beautiful trail until Yamunotri.

A part from Queen of Hills Mussoorie, this route offers you a beautiful pictorials journey on bank of Yamuna River. You can visit the following location on this route: Mussoorie Waterfalls,  Kempty , Ram Falls, Rudreshwar Temple, Nagshwar Temple, Sidhart Fall, Hanuman Chatti and many more other place of attractions.


Pahse 2  (Yamunotri to Gangotri)-  Janki Chatti- Barkot-Radi Top- Wan - Mainol- Shrikot - Patara - Barsali - Uttarkashi- Maneri - Gangnani - Harsil – Gangotri


Badrinath - Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips

Place You can Explore on This Route:  This is around 225Km  memorable road up to Gangotri, however if you want to visit Gomukh you need to trek for another 17KM from Gangotri.  

This is one of less explored scenic route in Uttarakhand. Any biker or road trippers love such rout to have greater experience in their Road Trips. Once you leave Barkot you will enter in to a new world at top of mountain as Radi Top. The Himalayan View is mesmerizing here.  Apart from Radi Top, you can explore Uttarkashi and Harshil valley. Both are significant as independent tourist destination.


Pahse 3  (Gangotri to Kedarnath)-  Here there are two route you can take from Uttarkashi. One via New Tehri Srinagar and another via Lambgaon and Gansali. Will be suggesting Gansali route as to explore more places and while returning you will be crossing Srinagar by default in Phase 5.

Suggested Route: Gangotri – Harshil – Uttarkashi – Lamngaon –Ghansali – Tilwara – Agastmuni – Guptkashi – Phata – Sonprayag – Gaurikund - Kedarnath


Place You can explore on This Route:  This route having a memorable road of around 320KM until Sonprayag from gauri Kund you need to trek around 22KM to reach Kedarnath Temple. You can also take helicopters operating daily from Phata, Triyuginarayan etc.  You can explore Maa Bhagwati Temple, Dhara Devi Temple, Guru Maniknath Temple etc


Pahse 4  (Kedarnath to Badrinath)-  :  While going to Badrinath from Kedarnath you have two option one is to take a diversion at Guptkashi towards Ukhimath Chopta or Take a conventional Rudraprayag Karnaprayag route. Will be suggesting via Chopta which will give you an opportunity to visit Tunganath Temple also the total distance will be reduced by around 20KM.

Suggested Route: Sonprayag - Guptkashi - Ukhimath - Chopta - Tunganath - Mandal -Gopeshwar - Chamoli - Pipalkoti - Joshimath- Govind Ghat-Badrinath


Place You can Explore on This Route:   A total 2015Km around memorable road to reach Badrinath. This is the last destination in your Char Dham Yatra. While traveling on this route you can explore Guptkashi, Ukimath the winter home Lord Kedarnath, Chopta, Tunganath, Gopeshwar, Johimath etc. Also you must plan to visit the Last Indian Village Mana from Badrinath before finishing your Char Dham Yatra.


Pahse 5  (Badrinath to Rishikesh)-  :  Badrinath - Joshimath - Chamoli - Kafal Khet –Karnaprayag – Rudraprayag - Devprayag - Rishikesh


Place You can Explore on This Route:   This route of around 300KM complete motorable road offers lot of things to explore. Also by this time you already have finished your Char Dham Yatra hence can devote more time to explore more places like Auli, Chamoli, Kafal Khet, Karnaprayag , Rudraprayag and Devprayag. Finally reach at Rishikesh.

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Kedarnath -  Best Route Char Dham Yatra Road Trips


Hope the above information will surely help you in planning your next spiritual Road Trips for Char Dham. Stay tuned to our next individual articles on each Dham. Do help by providing your suggestion and feedback in comment section. If the Information above helps you in your planning, do share to help others. This Life is to Help Experience and Express.


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