Road Trips - Kasar Devi Serenity of Meditation Magnetic Vibes at Hippie Trail on Crank's Ridge


Road Trips to Kasar Devi is like entering in to an auto pilot meditation zone. Experience the Serenity of Panoramic Views of Himalayas along with the Magnetic Vibes in Hippie Hills on Crank's Ridge of Kaashaay Hills near Almora, in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The uniqueness of Kasar Devi is for its geographical positioning, which positions on the earth’s Van Allen Belt. Kasar Devi a small village famous for Kasar Devi Temple. A Hindu shrine located 8KM from district HQ Almora.  A pine-covered ridge the place fascinated many prominent people like Swami Vivekananda, Uday Shankar as well as numerous western seekers like, Sunyata Baba Alfred Sorensen and Lama Anagarika Govinda visited the place on their Spiritual journey. Kasar Devi gain immense popularity between 1960s and 1970s, as it became a preferred destination during Hippie Movement. That’s how the name comes as Hippie Hills.  It also attracts backpackers and road trippers for its unique café culture. Cafes in Kasar Devi always offer unique tranquility and freedom to express through traditional forms of Art, Music, along with other folk forms.

Kasar Devi Temple Almora

The Kasar Devi Temple offers a pleasant view of the ALMORA city and Hawabagh valley. It is also known as a Devi Temple which is dedicated to Kasar Devi, after whom the place is been named. Different studies suggest, structure of the temple can be dated back to the 2nd century CE. Kasar Devi first became known when ion 1890s, Swami Vivekananda visited and meditated here and has mentioned his experience in his diaries. Walter Evans-Wentz, a pioneer who has written THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, stayed here for some time. Danish mystic Sunayata Baba (ALFRED SORENSEN) and LAMA  ANAGARIKA GOVINDA came here and lived here for 3decades. The Mystic Rider also visited Kasar Devi during his All India Bike Ride covering all 28 Indian States and 9 Union Territories in 1049 Days.


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  Budget Hostels in Kasar Devi

About Kasar Devi Temple :  

The Kasar village is mainly known for the Kasar Devi temple. Home to n number of trees like deodar and pine. Apart from the view of ALMORA and HAWALBAGH VALLEY,it also provides a panoramic view of the Himalayas from BANDARPUNCH peak on the Himachal Pradesh border to API HIMAL in NEPAL.


Why Kasar Devi is Best Place for Meditation?

Mysticisms and Spiritualism are always unique identity of India. This makes us known all over the world. Historically India is known for its rich tradition, spiritualism and Mysticisms. Even in KASAR DEVI one can experience both spirituality and solitude in abundance. It is also well known for the spiritual magnetic fields. Scientific studies confirm that this place Kasar Devi comes under “VAN ALLEN BELT” as the place has an enormous geo-magnetic field. VAN ALLEN BELT that the earth is surrounded by rings which are filled with high energy protons. The solar wind has its impact on the energy belt of Kasar Devi. There are only 3 places in the world that comes under the influence of VAN ALLEN BELT or where the geo-magnetic field is high. KASAR DEVI is one of them. The other two are MACHU PICHU in PERU and Stonehenge in GREAT BRITIAN where high positive radiation can be felt and hence it is believed to be the perfect place for meditation.


The temple consist of two different group of temple one of DEVI and another of LORD SHIVA and BAIRAVA. The main temple consists of Akhand Jyoti which keeps on burning 24hours of years. It has a Dhuni (HAVAN KUND) where wood log are burned 24hours. The ash of Dhuni is said to be very powerful and holds immense spiritual significance. Inside the cave like formation of a huge rock, the main shrine of Kasar Devi is placed.


Panoramic Himalayan View from Kasar Devi Almora

How to Reach Kasar Devi?

First one has to reach the district head quarter of Almora, once reached at Almora city, one can reach Kasar Devi by city buses, shared cabs, taxies, by hiking and trekking of around 8KM. One can also walk through the quaint Pahadi Villages in and around KASAR DEVI is a rejuvenating activity for the nature-loving travelers. One can also take a privilege of Bird watching as Binsar Wildlife is just a stone’s throw away and can even practice YOGA and MEDITATION.

By Road - Road network in Uttarakhand is well connected to almost all the cities. You can take Buses operating from Delhi to Almora or Drive / Bike Ride until Kasar Devi and enjoy the scenic views along road side. You can also hire a cab/taxi to reach Kasar Devi if coming from the National Capital Delhi or any other nearby cities.

By Train - Kathgodam is the nearest railway station, which is around 90KM from Almora. Once you reach at Kathgodam, can take intercity buses or shred cabs to reach Almora.

By Air - Pantnagar is the nearest airport around 130KM from Almora, however the best way to reach National Capital Delhi by flight and from Delhi chose either by Road or Train as described above.


Sunset View from Kasar Devi Temple
The Mystic Rider at Kasar Devi Sunset View Point

When is the Best Time to Visit Kasar Devi?

The best time to visit the temple is between the months Of NOVEMBER to FEBRUARY, if one doesn’t mind the freezing cold atmosphere. The summer months are a pleasant time to visit and the temperature will allow to make the most of the trip .Even monsoon season is the best time to visit as the rain wash away all the dirt and there is a beautiful greenery all around. But in monsoon the trek is little slippery, prone to risk and one has to carry a umbrella around with them always.


What Food You can Experience at Kasar Devi?

The popular cuisine served is ‘PAHADI THALI’ which is one of the renowned foods of hills. ‘Pahadi thali’ mainly consist of Aloo ke gutke, Madve ki roti, Bhatt ki daal, Bhaang ki khatai, Palak ka Kapa, Kaudh ki daal & Kumauni raita. As Kasar is just 8km away one can easily find many cafes and restaurants along the BINSAR-ALMORA road. These restaurant not only serve Kumauni food but also Indian as well as continental food so eating option is not really a deal breaker for the travelers.


Festivals and Traditional Culture of Kasar Devi?

As the majority of population is Kumauni so mainly Kumaon Culture is practised in this place. The Kumaoni folk dance called CHOLIYA is a very famous dance form of this region. Festival celebrated in this region are:- A large fair, known as Kasar devi fair is held at kasar devi temple on the occasion of KARTIK POORNIMA in the HINDU CALENDAR, corresponding to November - December. BASANT PANCHAMI, MAKAR SANKRANTI, GANGA DUSSHERA, MAHA SHIVRATRI, PHOOLDEI, GHEE-SANKRANTI, & KHATARUA. The harvesting season in Binsar is also marked by an indigenous festival namely HARELA native to Kumaon region.


Which are the Best Cafes in Kasar Devi?

There are multiple cafes operating in Kasar Devi. The café culture is gaining popularity since the Hippie Movement in 60’s. Here are some of the best café where you can experience the real warmth and vibes of Kasar Devi to Experience and Express Yourself.

The Kasar Heart Café - If you really want to experience the Pahadi vibes and get stimulating experience with Special Himalayn Tea at Kasar Devi, The Kasar Heart Café should be your preferred choice. The Kasar Heart Café Get Stimulated with Special Himalayn Tea at Kasar Devi

Pine N Peaks - One of best located at entry of Kasar Devi village offering beautiful views of Himalayas and delicious food. The Mountain Paradise also offers luxury stay option at Kasar Devi.

Charu’s The Himalayan Hippies Café - This café is a special recommendation; you need to put an effort to experience something different. A downhill trek of around 1.5KM is required find this beautiful art gallery and café managed by Charu. You can enjoy live music by local artists along with their creativity in form of art and culture. This place also offers home stay facility.

The Hammock Café - Under the nature along with music of Birds, a calm & Composed café at Kasar Devi. AN unique identity in offering best Kasar vibes and great Himalayan Views while enjoying on Hammock. 

The Moksha Retreat – The location at heart of this village at top of a small mountain peak. This place offers a magnificent 360 degree view, where you can enjoy both Himalays as well as the Kasar Village from top.

The Kasar Heart Cafe at Kasar Devi Almora
The Kasar Heart Café

What are the Best Homestays in Kasar Devi, Almora?

Staying at Kasar Devi is always an amazing experience. You can also books some of the beautiful Budget Hostels in Kasar Devi (Check  Here). There are multiple Homestays, Hotels, Resorts as well as privately rented house available in Kasar Devi. We will be publishing a detail article on “Best Place to Stay in Kasar Devi” soon. Stay tuned with us. Meanwhile you can check the following options for stay.

  • The Moksha Retreat
  • The Himalayan Hippies Café & Home Stay
  • The Mountain Paradise


For a Wanderlust person, Kasar Devi in the Kumaon region should be one of the top priorities. As summarized above you must be convinced enough to travel and explore this beautiful place Kasar Devi. This place is more than a tourist spot and it is a vital part of that, the legacy which depicts the rich cultural antiquity of the state, the environment, the breath-taking view and peace to inner soul will force you enough to stay there long as possible when you are travelling in India On Road.


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