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World Tourism Day 2021 Theme Significance Events Quiz & Celebration in India


What is the theme for World Tourism Day 2021? One of my students asked me few days back.  “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” is the theme of World Tourism Day 2021. Since 1980, World Tourism Day is celebrated on every 27 September.  While answering her, I decided to write something about World Tourism Day 2021 on my blog India On Road.

World Tourism Day 2021

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Tourism for Inclusive Growth the theme of World Tourism Day 2021

An official message by UNWTO states “The human desire to travel and explore is universal, which is why tourism must be open for everyone to enjoy.”

When one asks, which is the sector heavily impacted due to The COVID-19 pandemic? $4 trillion loss so far suffered by global tourism industry due this pandemic.  The single voice answer is Tourism industry.  Every country has felt the hit on massive portion of their economy in this industry. The ongoing pandemic continuing an immense social and economic impact irrespective of developed or developing nations.  The hardest hit probably felt by the marginalized groups and the most vulnerable groups of the society worldwide.  Thus the world thinks to restart tourism again to kickstart growth. That’s the reason the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) decided the theme as “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” for World Tourism Day 2021. The idea behind the theme is to going beyond statistics and tourism data, and start acknowledging that, behind every number, there is a person. Thus this year on 27th September UNWTO invites all to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021 with a forward looking approach in displaying the  tourism’s unique ability as the world is gearing-up to open and reconnect again.

The Official Host Country World Tourism Day 2021 is Cote d’Ivoire

# Hashtags for World Tourism Day 2021

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Purpose & Significance of World Tourism Day:

World Tourism Day is a worldwide observance designated by UN to be celebrated on 27 September every year, since 1980. The purpose is to highlight the tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value and creating awareness about the tourism sector’s contribution in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Celebration in India On Road Events on World Tourism Day 2021

In India many organization, state tourism departments as well as solo travelers joining hands to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021. You can check more about various World Tourism Day 2021 events on at UNWTO Event Page.  We are also committed to sustainable development and proud to join UNWTO on this World Tourism Day 2021 celebration. Here we are launching a quiz for all our readers to create awareness on the values of tourism and its contribution.

Quiz World Tourism Day 2021

Try answering the following questions and see how aware about World Tourism Day?

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